These Terms constitute an agreement between You and Phadke HealthTech. Phadke HealthTech provides access to Services (as defined herein below) through teleconferencing, messaging through the mobile application, website, or through telephonic calls, video chat, email or face to face consultation to the End-User (as defined herein below) who registers on the Site (as defined herein below) to connect with Experts (as defined herein below) registered with Phadke HealthTech. These are rules You agree to follow when using the mobile application and/or website developed by Phadke HealthTech including, when You ask questions and when You view or input content on or into the Site. The Phadke HealthTech Privacy Policy is officially part of these Terms even though it is a separate document.

Definitions To clarify what this document means, certain words with capital letters will be defined. Here are the definitions for this Agreement:

By clicking on the Sign Up button on the sign up page, indicates You have read and agree to the typeathought.com terms and conditions and then clicking the “Continue” button, You agree to submit the Member registration form. You are entering into this Agreement and irrevocably accepting the obligations stipulated in these Terms and agree to abide by them. Accessing the Site through any Device You agree to be subjected to these Terms. You should, therefore, read these Terms carefully. If You do not agree to be bound by any Terms of this Agreement, do not check the box indicating Your agreement to these Terms and do not otherwise continue with the member registration process. In such case You will not be able to register as a Member or otherwise use this Site. We specifically hold the right to deny access without any notice to any person who We believe has violated any of these Terms or for any reason whatsoever at Our sole discretion.

A. Services provided on the Site

The Site includes, without limitation, the following Services:

The Services do not include the provision of medical care, providing prescription of drugs or other professional services by typeathought.com. Typeathought.com merely facilitates access to online counselling services (provided by Experts) and online educational courses and content through the Site. The Expert shall not recommend or prescribe any drugs to the End Users through the Site.

ALLTHE EXPERTS REGISTERED ON THE SITE ARE NOT OUR EMPLOYEES, except where stated as “Typeathought.com In-House Expert”.

Any information obtained from the Site, Experts or third party links and content is for informational and logistical purposes only.

B. Eligibility

By using the Site, You represent and warrant that:

  1. You are at least 18 years old;
  2. You have the lawful authority and capacity to contract and be bound by these Terms;
  3. You are not a person, under the laws of the country in which You access or use the Site who is either banned or otherwise legally prohibited from receiving or using the Site.

C. Use By Children

If You are between less than 18 years of age, You must have Your parent or legal guardian’s permission to use the Site. The parent, legal guardian, or ward of a minor, will be fully responsible for complying with Our Terms of Use and Our Privacy Policy. The parent, guardian or the ward of a minor represents and warrants that they are the parents or legally appointed guardians or wards of such minor. We are under no obligation to verify the veracity of such parents or legally appointed guardians or wards of such End User under the age of 18 years.

D. Express Consent to the Terms.

We reserve the right, at Our sole and absolute discretion, to change or update these Terms from time to time without notice and subject to Your termination right as set out below. You are therefore encouraged to check these Terms regularly for any changes. By using the Site after any modification to these Terms will imply that You accept those changes. We will post the last date of any change to these Terms at the top of this page. If You do not agree with these Terms in their entirety, You should NOT register and You should not use to use the Site or avail the Services provided by Us. The use of Services on this Site and all the information that is availed from this Site is done solely at the risk of the End User. You agree that We may from time to time update the Site, which would require You to install certain updates to the software in order to continue to access or use the Site. Such updates which may be for the purpose of fixing an error, bug or any other issue in the Site and/or enhancing the functionality of Site and may result in changes the appearance of the Site.

E. Not a Health Care Provider

You agree that any advice that has been provided to You by the Experts registered with Us while using Our Site, is on the basis of all the information relating to Your personal health as provided by You. We shall not be responsible for the responses provided by the Experts. The Services provided by Us only provide access to general mental health care information with your prior consent as per applicable laws and is in no way intended to provide medical advice or refer a meeting with a professional qualified healthcare provider. The Experts shall not and will not for any reason whatsoever recommend or prescribe any drugs to End Users through the counselling sessions facilitated through the Site. We strongly advise that, in case of any queries relating to Your personal health or medical condition You to consult a physician or any other qualified healthcare provider. If You have or suspect that You have a medical problem or condition, please contact a qualified healthcare professional immediately. The Site and the Company do not guarantee or assure resolution of concerns that the End User seeks help for, and this applies to all types of communication modes and all durations. End Users should choose Experts at their own discretion. The content on the Site is not and should not be considered medical advice or a substitute for individual medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We strongly recommend that You always talk to Your medical professionals for diagnosis and treatment, including information regarding which drugs or treatment may be appropriate for You. None of the information on the Site represents or warrants that any particular drug or treatment is safe, appropriate, or effective for You. Any reliance on such information by You, shall be at Your own risk and responsibility.

F. Do Not Use in Emergencies

You agree that the Services provided through this Site are not to be used in the case of emergencies. In case of any mental health emergency or any other medical emergency we strongly recommend that You immediately visit the closest medical facility for examination in person by a qualified healthcare provider. You agree not to use this Site as a suicide helpline. You agree and understand that in the event You are contemplating suicide or considering causing any danger to Yourself or any other person/s, You will discontinue to avail Our Services. In any of these events please immediately call the relevant emergency number where You are located and notify the relevant authorities or medical experts.

G. We Are Not Your Doctor

The Experts registered on the Site are not Your doctors, physicians, or other healthcare providers. You agree not to use the Site as a substitute for health insurance or a primary care doctor or in- person doctor visits. The Experts are intended to be for general informational purposes only, and are in no way intended to create a doctor- patient relationship; You agree and understand that typeathought.com is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment; and reliance on any information provided by the Experts is solely at Your own risk.

H. All Experts are Not Employees or Agents

Although some of the experts are our inhouse employees, the advice given by them is solely based on their professional skill and discretion. We do not monitor the advice given by them or other consultants who are not our employees and We do not assume any responsibility for any of their actions or omissions.

I. Payment Schedule and Mechanism

all Services availed on this Site are chargeable unless mentioned otherwise. The price for the counseling sessions will be mentioned on the website, on the “Pricing Page” which mentions various subscription offers and packages. The price for the educational courses and such other content will be mentioned on the website and on their respective landing pages. When You schedule a counselling session, it is understood that You have accepted the Fees charged by the website and shall be liable to pay the same immediately before reserving or scheduling a Counselling Session with an Expert on the Site. The Fee shall be exclusive of all taxes and the End User shall be liable to pay all taxes and statutory dues as are applicable in respect of each Consultation Session or Subscription or Paid Courses and content. The End-User represents and warrants that (i) all information in respect of payment is true, accurate and complete and (ii) he shall be responsible to be in compliance of applicable law including but not limited to payment of applicable taxes. The Site will never ask You for Your credit card or other payment information unless You indicate that You want to .pay for the subscription, packages, online courses, educational content or services mentioned on the website or app.

J. Cancellation and Refunds

We provide refunds for weekly and monthly packages and subscriptions on a case to case basis after a review of the case. For those who are unhappy with the Services they receive, can intimate us within the first 3 days of the beginning of the subscription or package and we will offer a FULL REFUND. The clients also have an option to switch over to another counselor in case they feel they are not happy with the service provided during the sessions. For any queries regarding refunds, you can email us at contact@typeathought.com

In extremely unlikely case of ill-behavior by the therapist/counsellor: Only in extremely unlikely case this happens but as a policy we offer full refund in case, the therapist has misbehaved and/or abused the user in any manner. Upon receiving your complain we will have to procedurally check, chat or video/audio records to make sure that an ill incident/behaviour happened on behalf of the therapist. If the therapist had displayed any questionable behaviour, your full refund will be processed and will reflect in your account/card between 7-15 business days and a disciplinary action taken action against the counselor involved. In case of online educational courses or other courses purchased through the website , we have a NO REFUND policy.

J. User Accounts

Should You wish to schedule an appointment or pay for a consultation for an online consultation session, You will have to register on the Site and create an account with Us ("User Account"). In order to register on this Site, You will have to provide the following information (‘Registration Data’):

  1. E-mail Address;
  2. Contact Details (Residence Number, Mobile Number, etc.)

On providing the relevant information, You will be asked to provide a display name, full name and password. Registration on this Site is a one time process and individuals who have already registered shall login / sign into this Site using the same user name and password as provided during the registration process. You agree to provide accurate, current and complete information as may be required for completing the registration process. The Experts shall also ensure that all information provided in the Expert Profiles on any Site is accurate, current and complete information ("User Account Data") You agree and understand that all activities and actions undertaken using the User Account shall be solely Your responsibility whether or not You have authorized such activities or actions.

K. Use of Your User Account

You are requested to safeguard and are exclusively responsible for Your user name and password. If You suspect the Your password has been lost or stolen, someone has attempted to use the Services through Your User Account without Your consent or Your User Account has been accessed without Your permission please notify Us immediately at contact@typeathought.com. Use of the Site on public computers and storing user name and password on web browsers and other software is discouraged. You will be fully responsible for all activity on Your User Account and for any changes therein. You agree not assign or otherwise transfer Your User Account to any other person or entity. We will not be liable where Your User Account details are used by someone else either with or without knowledge. We will hold You liable and responsible for any losses incurred by Us due to someone else’s use Your User Account. Please refer to our Privacy Policy regarding storing of your information. You accept risks associated with the unauthorized access to the User Account Data and any other information provided by You. You will not authorize others to use Your End-User Account or the Expert Profile as the case maybe. By creating an End-User Account, You expressly consent to the use of: (a) electronic means to complete these Terms and to provide You with any notices given pursuant to these Terms; and (b) electronic records to store information related to these Terms or Your use of the Services after obtaining consent from you if required by law. Typeathought.com cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from Your failure to comply with the above requirements.

L. Send You notices and information.

As a registered End User You agree that We may communicate with You, including by sending information, correspondence, and notices to You. The communications shall be sent to You using the information provided by You at the time of creating a User Account. These communications may be sent via email, SMS (text message), push notification, on site notification or otherwise. These communications sent to You includes but is not limited to, confirmation of Your registration, transactions that You carry out on the Site, reminders, recommended actions for You or promotions that are undertaken by Us or others authorized by Us. You can control what information You want to be sent to You, and where it is to be sent. You also have the choice to unsubscribe or opt-out from receiving reminders via email, SMS, push notifications or mobile telephone notification, or any of them. Charges for receiving such information will be as charged by Your mobile service provider. Typeathought.com does not guarantee and is not liable or responsible for the failure to send such notifications or reminders to You.

M. Personal Use

Commercial use or redistribution of any information made available on the Site is strictly prohibited. The Service is made available only for individuals to use to support their mental health decisions. The Services shall be only used for personal purposes and shall not be used for commercial purposes. Any use of the information provided on the Site other than as specifically authorized, without prior written consent is also strictly prohibited and will result in termination of the registration granted here. Such unauthorized use may also violate applicable laws. This membership is revocable at Our sole discretion, at any time and by giving you notice of _3__days.

N. Code of Conduct

The Services provided on the Site are to be used responsibly. The use of the Services provided on the Site shall in no way be unlawful, threatening, harassing, abusive, defamatory, slanderous, libelous, harmful to minors, vulgar, gratuitously violent, obscene, pornographic, indecent, lewd, invasive of another's privacy, or racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive, hateful, abusive or that would cause annoyance, inconvenience, or needless anxiety to others. You agree not take any action that impedes with, damages or adversely affects the Company and/or the Services and/or any Site; You also agree not to intentionally overuse any Services, or use any Services for any other inappropriate purposes. The information and Services available on the Site may not be used for any illegal purpose. You may not;

  1. access our networks, computers, or the information and Services in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair them, or interfere with any other person's use and enjoyment;
  2. attempt to gain unauthorized access to any information or Services, other accounts, computer systems, or networks connected with the Services or the Site. Unauthorized access includes, but is not limited to, using another person's login credentials to access the Services or the Site;
  3. upload any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any software or this Site;
  4. Use the Site to conduct any fraudulent activity including any 'pyramid scheme'; 'ponzi scheme' or 'chain letter.
  5. transmit, upload, email, post or otherwise make available any information or material that infringes upon a third party right, especially intellectual property rights or any third party advertisements, including banner exchange Services;
  6. You will not use any Site to develop, or to assist anyone in developing a competitive product or Service or for other competitive purposes;

Any attempt by any individual or entity to solicit login information of any other user or Typeathought.com’s Experts or to access any such account is an express and direct violation of these Terms of Use and of applicable law, including relevant privacy and security laws and laws prohibiting unfair or unethical business practices.

O. Expert Profile

Every individual who is desirous of registering as an Expert on the Site shall have a minimum qualification of a degree/diploma in the relevant field from a reputed and recognized institute, college, university along with at least 1 year of work experience in such field. Only those individuals possessing the minimum qualification and approved by Us shall enlist himself/herself on the Site using his/her e-mail address. The Expert shall provide the relevant information about his/her education, training, experience, areas of specialization, language preference, preferred mode of communication, fees, etc as may be required or suggested by Us from time to time. After administration review and approval, the Expert shall be required to create a profile page to enable him/her to post relevant information about his/her education, training, experience, and areas of specialization ("Expert Profile"). Typeathought.com shall not be held responsible for the information provided by the Experts on the Site including, without limitation, the accuracy or reliability of any information contained therein. The Experts on the Site are solely and exclusively responsible for the content of their respective Expert Profiles. The Experts registered on the Site shall in no circumstances assign or otherwise transfer his/her Expert Profile to any other person or entity. The Expert shall not represent himself or hold himself out as an employee/agent of the Company. The Experts above are responsible for all activity on the Expert Profile and for any charges/changes therein. The Site and the Company do not guarantee or assure resolution of concerns that the End User seeks help for, and this applies to all types of communication modes and all durations although we take measures to secure data as per our Privacy Policy. End Users should choose Experts on their own discretion. While We shall strive to ensure that all the Experts registered with us hold at least the minimum qualifications as stipulated in these Terms, We take no responsibility (legal or otherwise) of any misrepresentation by any Expert of their qualifications or experience.

P. Access and Use

You represent and warrant that Your access and use of any Services on the Site is subject to the following:

Q. Specific Terms applicable to Experts.

The terms mentioned in this clause are applicable only to the Experts who register with the Site to provide Services to End Users. Use of the Services is conditioned on the following pre-requisites; (i) Compliance with professional duties as a licensed, registered or certified professional; and (ii) acceptance of this Terms. The obligations laid out in this Clause are in addition to, and not in lieu of, the professional and legal obligations of the Expert as a provider of behavioral health counselling services. You shall not use the Services of the Site if You are unable to comply with Your obligations under these Terms as well as Your professional and legal obligations.

R. Intellectual Property Rights

The Typeathought.com logo, other Typeathought.com Trademarks and service marks are Our trademarks. You must have Our written permission to use or display any Typeathought.com marks. You hereby acknowledge that any and all intellectual property rights (including but not limited to all trademark, copyright, patent, service marks, etc.) and other proprietary rights in and in relation to any Site including without limitation any derivatives, improvements or modifications which ownership is directly attributable to the Company (expressly excluding any information which belongs to an Expert, End User, other third party) shall vest wholly completely and fully with Typeathought.com throughout the territory of the world and You shall have no right or claim to such intellectual property in any manner whatsoever.

S. Indemnification

By accepting these Terms and using any Site, You agree that You shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its directors, shareholders, officers and other representatives from and against any and all claims, costs, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses (including attorneys' fees and costs) arising out of or in connection with Your use or access of the Services, violation or breach of these Terms or any applicable law or regulation, violation of any rights of any third party, including End Users and Experts (as the case may be) connected through any Site; or infringement, or infringement by any third party, including End Users and Experts (as the case may be), of any intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity and all third-party claims based upon the content of any communications transmitted by You.

T. Disclaimer of Warranties

    1. We hereby explicitly and specifically disclaim any and all representations, warranties or guarantees, whether written, oral, expressed or implied including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any warranty of quality or fitness for a particular purpose.
    2. The Site is provided to You strictly on an "as is" basis. Notwithstanding anything contained in these Terms, the Company does not warrant that the Site: (i) will perform error-free or uninterrupted, or that We will correct all or any errors or defects (ii) will operate in combination with Your Devices, or with any other hardware, software, systems or data not provided by the Company (iii) will meet Your requirements, specifications or expectations.
    3. You further acknowledge that We do not control the transfer of data over communications facilities, including the internet, and that any Site may be subject to limitations, delays, and other problems inherent in the use of such communications facilities; We are not responsible for any (i) delays, delivery failures, or other damages as a result; (ii) issues related to the performance, operation or security of any Site that arise from the Your content or third party content.

U. Limitation of Liability

    1. Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in these Terms, in no event shall We be liable to You or anyone claiming under You for the cost or loss including but not limited to any special, exemplary, consequential, incidental, punitive or indirect damages on any theory of liability, whether in contract, tort (including without limitation negligence or medical negligence), strict liability or otherwise. The limitations set forth in this section shall apply even if You are advised of the possibility of such damage.
    2. We will not be liable for indirect losses which is a side effect of the main loss or damage and which are not reasonably foreseeable by You and Us at the time of entering into these Terms, for example loss of profits or loss of opportunity.
    3. We shall not under any circumstances whatsoever be a party to disputes, negotiations of disputes between the End User and an Expert.
    4. We will not be liable for: (i) the quality of the counselling session being given by the Expert(s), (ii) any negligence on part of the Expert(s); (iii) any inconvenience suffered by the User due to a failure on the part of the Expert(s) to provide agreed services or to make himself/herself available at the appointed time, absence of the Expert, or similar difficulties; (iv) any misconduct or inappropriate behavior by the Expert or his/her staff; (v) any variance in the fees charged; (vi) any medical eventualities that might occur subsequent to availing Services of an Expert, selected by the End User.
    5. Decisions made by You on the basis of information provided on or via the Site is at Your sole discretion and risk. So far as is permissible by law, We do not accept any liability to any person relating to the use of this Site.
    6. We endeavour to correct any errors or omissions in our content as soon as practicable once they have been brought to our attention, However, We do not guarantee that the Site will be available uninterrupted and fully operational nor that the information provided via the Site will be free from errors or omissions. We shall not be liable for any failure or suspension of the site, or for termination of access to the Site or access to Site content.
    7. Due to the fact that many technical aspects of the Site and the information provided is supplied by or otherwise dependent on third parties, We are not responsible for the accuracy, suitability, reliability, completeness, performance, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, or freedom from viruses, or other harmful programs of the content contained in or accessed through this Site.

V. Disclaimer

W. Termination

We reserve the right, in Our sole discretion to suspend or terminate an End User’s access to the Website and the Services with or without notice and to exercise any other remedy available under law, if You breach these Terms of Use. Upon suspension or termination, Your right to procure the Services on the Site shall forthwith cease and the We reserve the right to remove or delete Your information that is available with the Us, including but not limited to login and account information. If for any reason You chose to discontinue the Services provided on the Site, You can terminate Your User Account or Expert Profile, as the case maybe by sending us(contact@typeathought.com) a notice notice or deactivating Your User Account or Expert Profile (as the case may be). Once You deactivate, Your User Account or Expert Profile (as the case may be), You will no longer be able to access any of the Services provided on the Site. The user of a User Account or Expert Profile, as the case may be that has been suspended or terminated may not continue to use the Site under the same account, a different account or re-register under a new account. Any suspension, termination, or cancellation will not affect Your obligations to be bound under these Terms which by their nature are intended to survive such suspension, termination, or cancellation. For example, but not by way of limitation, upon any such suspension, termination, or cancellation the provisions of Section R (Intellectual Property Rights), Section V (Disclaimer), Section S (Indemnification), Section U (Limitation of Liability), Section Y (General Terms), and Section Z (Governing Law) shall survive and remain in full force and effect, but the provisions of Your License to use the Site shall be suspended, terminated or cancelled, as the case may be.

X. Errors and Inaccuracies.

We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions and to change or update information at any time without prior notice to You. We do not, however, guarantee that any such errors, inaccuracies, or omissions will be corrected. We reserve the right to refuse to provide Services that are based on inaccurate or erroneous information on the Site, including, without limitation, incorrect or out-of-date information regarding pricing, payment terms, or for any other lawful reason.

Y. General

    1. These Terms shall take precedence and prevail over anything in or associated with any Site that is in conflict with or is inconsistent with these Terms.
    2. No partnership, employment, or agency relationship exists between Experts and the Company, unless specified, as a result of these Terms or use of any Site. The Expert is prohibited from entering into any contract (whether oral or in writing) that may impose direct or indirect liability or commitment on Us in respect of any third party including the End User.
    3. Maintenance: We may, from time to time perform maintenance upon the Site, hardware, software or other problems related to the Service, resulting in interrupted Service, delays or errors in the Site and/or Service. We will attempt to provide prior notice of such interruptions, delays or errors but cannot guarantee that such notice will be provided.
    4. Assignment: These Terms are personal to You and You shall not assign these Terms or Your rights to the Services or obligations to any other party. We expressly reserve the right to assign these Terms and to delegate any of the obligations hereunder, at our sole discretion and without Your consent. We may also assign or delegate certain of Our rights and responsibilities under these Terms to independent contractors or other third parties.
    5. Severability: If any provision of these Terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction or arbitral tribunal, such provision shall be struck and the remaining provisions shall be enforced to the fullest extent under law; provided however that, in such event these Terms of Use shall be interpreted so as to give effect, to the greatest extent consistent with and permitted by applicable law, to the meaning and intention of the excluded provision as determined by such court of competent jurisdiction or arbitral tribunal.
    6. Wavier: We shall not be deemed to have waived any of our rights or remedies hereunder unless such waiver is in writing and signed by us. No delay or omission on our part in exercising any right or remedy shall operate as a waiver of that right or remedy or any other rights or remedies. A waiver on any particular occasion shall not be construed as a bar or waiver of any rights or remedies on future occasions.

Z. Governing Law

    1. These Terms of Use shall be construed as a contractual obligation between You and Us and governed by laws of India in Mumbai.
    2. Any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or relating to this Agreement or the breach, termination, enforcement, interpretation or validity thereof, including the applicability of these Terms of Use to arbitrate, or to Your use of the Website, App or the Services or information to which it gives access, shall be determined by arbitration in India, before a sole arbitrator. Arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The venue of such arbitration shall be Mumbai, India. All proceedings of such arbitration, including, without limitation, any awards, shall be in the English language. The award shall be final and binding on the Parties.
    3. Subject to what is stated in the above Paragraph, the courts at Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising out of or in relation to this Agreement, Your use of the Website, the App or the Services or the information to which it gives access.

AA. Contacting Us.

Any queries concerning, the Website, the Application, this Agreement, the Services, or anything related to any of the foregoing, customer support can be reached at contact@typeathought.com