About us

Type a Thought is an emotional and psychological wellness venture. It aims to connects users to verified experts that include psychologists, life coaches, sexologists, counsellors, social workers, speech and occupational therapists, marriage and family therapists and psychiatrists with different areas of expertise. The experts use various modes of digital communication for interaction based on the users’ preference like text chat, phone chat or video chat to deliver counselling/therapy.



Dr.Ajay Phadke is a qualified M.D Pathologist from the prestigious Seth G.S Medical College and KEM hospital,Mumbai. He has a passion for all things related to information technology and is focused on providing universal solutions for the same.He is the fourth in a generation of doctors in his family. The well known and respected Dr. Phadke labs was started by his grandfather Late Dr. A.M Phadke , who himself was a specialist in infertility. Dr. Avinash Phadke , His father is equally well renowned in the field of pathology and currently is the President of SRL, Pathology.

Dr. Ajay currently serves as Centre Head of SRL Dr. Phadke Labs in Mumbai, Shivaji Park. Surrounded with people having decades of experience in the health care sector and inspired by his great Uncle Prof. Kishore Phadke, Dr. Ajay understands the importance of providing High quality Health care services to his patients bringing about a positive change in peoples lives.


Dr.Alvin Alva is also a qualified M.D. Pathologist from Seth G.S Medical College and KEM hospital, Mumbai. His vision is to make healthcare more accessible to the common people and to enhance the existing health care services with the help of technology. Currently, He is the Head of Department (Pathology) at Conwest Jain Hospital, Girgaum, Mumbai.

Both Dr. Phadke and Dr. Alva wish to create and promote awareness of the importance of emotional and mental health in our lives. They wish to overcome any difficulties that the common person has, to reach out and obtain these services. In addition to online services , they also conduct workshops as well as individual / group therapy sessions, psychological assessment and testing by associating with several well renowned and eminent psychologists of the country.


Professor Kishore is an authority on the subject of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) in India and has contributed to development of the therapy by associating and corresponding with Dr. Albert Ellis himself (creator of REBT and founder of Dr. Albert Ellis Institute, New York,USA)


Dr. Ellis applauds his contribution in apt words:

"Of all the followers, I have had, Kishore has surely been one of the most persistent and the very best. I could see from the start that he not only understood my teachings better than any other person in Asia, but was able to think about them and brilliantly add to them on his own and to present them beautifully to both professionals and members of the public. Kishore is indeed one of the most remarkable individuals I have ever met."

Dr. Ellis also quoted: "One of the most unusual influences on me and my work has been that of the psychologist Kishore M. Phadke, of Mumbai, India. ... I would never have figured out some of the finer points of REBT without his detailed questioning, and I want to thank him for that….He has certainly been one of my finest friends and supporters since 1968."

In his career spanning more than 50 years , Prof. Kishore Phadke has dedicated himself to the study and spread of cognitive behaviour therapy in India. After working as Head of Psychology Department , Ruparel College,Mumbai and as faculty member at Sir Sorabji Pochkanawala Bankers Training College of Central Bank of India, Mumbai in 1973, he founded the "Phadke Centre" 1981 and dedicated his life to educating people using REBT. He created his own training modules and workshops for more than 200 corporate organisations as well as psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, nurses,professional social workers based on REBT. He has trained over 10000 executives from various sectors ranging from banking, manufacturing, medical, educational and I.T. sector.

He has also written 9 books in marathi and co- authors 5 books in English . He is the first and only Indian who enjoys the unique distinction of being a Fellow & Supervisor of Albert Ellis Institute, New York, USA.