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How To Address The Emotional Problems of Daily Life

Get Emotional Assistance for Anxiety,Depression,Anger and other concerns at  $ 8 (Rs 499) Only

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Just answer Yes or No to the questions below

  • Do you get angry easily for small things in your daily life?
  • Do you constantly think about things and feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel that there are too many things you have to do with very little time?
  • Do you feel that work or some other issues is affecting your sleep and appetite?
  • Do you feel tired or fatigued all the time?
  • Have you stopped enjoying things that you used to enjoy earlier?
  • In the recent past, have you ever felt symptoms of breathlessness,choking or tightness of your chest with your heart beating rapidly?
  • Do you find it difficult to focus on one thing at a time and give up on tasks?
  • Do you feel people don't respect you enough and that the world is unfair to you at times?
  • Did you snap at someone because of an imagined insult and lose a close friend or loved one?
  • Are you afraid to speak in public or go out and make friends socially?
  • Do you feel that you are not living up to your true potential?

If you answered 'YES' to any of the above questions, then read on...

This entire concept is scientifically validated,proven for decades and brought to you by trained psychologists. 
This is how it works. It's a simple process but can work really well once you commit to it!
1.Video Or Telephonic Session

Get 1 hour of either One Video OR One telephonic counselling session within 24 hours as per the plan

2.Message the counselor freely throughout the day.

He or She needs to understand your concern in depth, so be AS DETAILED as possible

3.Understanding Core Beliefs and thoughts that you have

The psychologist understands your pattern of thinking and inner thoughts to proceed further.

4.Understanding the root cause of Irrational or Unhelpful thoughts

Your thoughts are responsible for your emotional distress. Understanding thoughts is the KEY to success

5.New way of thinking

The psychologist will then help you in changing your thoughts to HELPFUL ones. This can completely change the way you think over a period of time

6.Practical Application of new techniques to YOUR life.

Just like physical fitness can't be achieved in a day, Mental fitness also takes some time and effort!

7. Identifying unhelpful thoughts!

This step is vital to allow you to IDENTIFY unhelpful thoughts on your own and challenge them whenever they pop up!

8.  Emotional and mental  management

You become self sufficient and Self reliant in facing adverse Events in your life!

9.Sustained Excellence

Apply these concepts  in EVERY field of your life! Work,Personal or any thing else you need!

All of this is just for $ 8 (Rs 499) only! A normal face to face session would cost you $100/Rs 1000 and above!

This offer will only last for a limited time only!

Don't wait any longer. Get started on your path to success.


Don't take our word for it! Look at what our existing clients have to say!

Type A Thought is like a mind reader. They helped me understand what was causing my stress and how to solve it better.


With more than 98% positive feedback, we've provided the best care at affordable rates

I’m glad I have found someone really good to counsel me. My counselor listens to every detail and is extremely non judgemental. Feel extremely positive after every session with her.



We are SURE that you'll gain some benefit through this process! If you're not satisfied we will offer you a FULL REFUND. NO questions asked! Just mail us on

Don't take our word for it! Look at what our clients have to say!

My counselor was awesome. Probably the best decision of my life I took was to subscribe to Type a Thought


Considered one of the best Online Programs by Customers

Hi , Thanks a Lot.I wont say that I have completely changed bit I feel better now, Maybe this is a start and will try to follow all the steps you have mentioned in the chat. I have attended a few online counseling sessions before but to be honest this was the best. I personally feel that you are doing an incredible job. Thank you



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Whats the next step?

What if I have a problem Connecting with the counselor?

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Kindly contact your nearest health care facility/doctor/counselor/psychiatrist for immediate care and relief. TAT is NOT A SUICIDE HELPLINE.