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Marital  Premarital counselling

Some marital problems are universal, probably unavoidable, because being in any kind of close relationship requires compromise. Most married couples have some degree of conflict and disagreement. When difficulties can be resolved constructively, the marriage is likely to endure. When the problems are made worse by destructive interactions, the marriage is likely to fail. Recognize that marriage is hard work. The key is to work together on being married every day.

 If you are willing to save your relationship then following are some ways with which you can work towards a healthy relationship:

– Address the problems when they arise instead of waiting for stress to increase into an argument or misunderstanding that will get created between you two.

– Take time to appreciate one another and remember the little things that attracted you in the beginning of your relationship.

– Don’t wait for a fight to breakout and seek a marriage counsellor.

– Therapist can assist you in developing communication, problem solving, and co- parenting skills and can help resolve issues before they do real damage to the relationship.

– Communicate your trouble and turn them into strengths which will lead to a successful marriage. – Maintaining a strong relationship takes time together – Ensure you both have same day off, once a week.

– Spend quality time together and vent about work or share a funny story. Make sure you don’t allow kids for some time and connect.

– Whatever interest you share indulge in them as a couple. Open to new experiences and enjoy a hobby together.

– Make sex a regular part of your relationship as intimacy is very important in a relationship. As a couple you depend on one another to meet this need.

– Practice being happy with one you’ve committed to and actively work to remember why you chose each other. – Remember you have to go through for better and for worse together and sometimes it may be worse but you can fight this together.

– Give your partner the benefit of the doubt rather than assuming the worst. Be curious and seek to understand why your partner is acting the way he/she is.

– When there are fights make sure you calm yourselves by taking time out. Avoid conversing when emotions are high, and come back to discussion later.

– BEFORE TYING THE KNOT, Lay your expectations up front and don’t fool yourself into thinking that things have to be perfect. Discuss about each other’s future plans, habits, values or any other concerns about marriage plans or in-laws. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page.

Benefits of Premarital Counseling

 With guidance from our therapists

– We provide you a safe place to discuss about your problems with variant ways of communication – Learn to acquire various skills that promote understanding oneself and others to enhance mutual empathy.

– Learn healthy communication and co-operative goal setting in learning how to resolve conflicts – Learn to regulate emotions and communicate effectively to reduce conflicts

– Learn how to enhance intimacy

– To recognize signs of emotional abuse

– Give your relationship a chance to survive

– Build and maintain positive close relationships

– Get help to reduce dysfunctional behaviors, feel that you can share your emotions and emphasize what’s working.

– Learn to function effectively as a couple

– Give your relationship a chance to survive as trouble relationships can be fixed

Tips For Working Towards A Healthy Relationship

– The first step to create a happy and healthy relationship is your willingness to work at it. Consider the difficulties you are going through before it’s too late.

– The best time to learn relationship skills is at the start of the relationship. But it’s never too late to start working on your relationships.

– Be patient while solving the relationship or while going through the process as it can take time if problems have been going for a while.

– Being in a relationship is about ‘WE’ and not ‘I’. Both the people should be involved to actively participate in the relationship and keep it positive to make it healthiest and as best it can be.

– Every couple is different, there is no right or wrong way. They make their own rules and agreements to work together.

How Can We Help With Marital Counselling Online?

Initial sessions in marriage counselling, we encourage partners to have sessions individually with our counselors, after some headway has been made joint sessions are then conducted. Our Trained Counselors help Couples to gain an improved understanding of oneself and one’s partner. Our Psychologists will help you to gain insight into each other’s personality differences, needs and expectations.

Check out this blog on communication strategies if you won’t like to know more about how to communicate better!

Apart from this, they will teach you better communications skills to reduce conflict and increase understanding of each other’s perspectives which will directly have a positive effect on the quality of your marriage. Strategies of Conflict resolution and Problem Solving will also be taught to you so that the couple will be equipped to solve any other issue that may crop up later on so that you’ll strive to have a healthy relationship in the future. Start talking to an online marital counselor now to start feeling better!