Common problems in relationships,Ways to improve your relationship and help

Common problems in relationships

Remember, You are not alone. Many many people face these issues in their relationships. Read further to see if you can identify with any of them

  • Cheating/Infidelity: This doesn’t necessarily mean a physical form of cheating. It could be emotional,financial, internet based or simply texting some one too much
  • You’ve ‘Outgrown’ your partner: Both of you have changed so much that you feel that you don’t know him/her anymore. It’s like you’re living with a different person entirely.
  • Prolonged period of stress: Sometimes, a health issue, a financial problem or any other chronic stressor can take a toll on a relationship.
  • Simply getting ‘Bored’ in your relationship: You feel everything is mundane,boring. There’s no excitement to your relationship anymore
  • One sided financial responsibility: This means that only one partner takes the financial responsibility of the entire house hold
  • Addictions of some kind: to substances,technology,porn,social media etc. In the digital era, this could be a long list
  • Lack of communication between you and your partner: Do you feel like there’s a wall between you both?
  • Having an expectation mismatch: Do you feel that your partner expects something which isn’t realistic or possible? People experience this all the time
  • One sides responsibility for chorestasks to do around the house: Do you get back from a day’s work and feel that heshe doesn’t contribute to the household chores? Do you end up doing most of it anyway?
  • You “Feel” that heshe doesn’t care about you: Your partner doesn’t express hisher affection in ways which you expect. This leads to friction and a perceived lack of care from the other side
  • Domestic Violence: This is obviously a huge problem for a partner who is a victim. This needs to be addressed seriously
  • Do you differ on how you need to bring up your children: When to discipline them, when to reward them. What kind of diet they should have. What school to admit them to?
  • Lack of support while living with in-laws: This can happen when you’re living in a joint family and you feel that your partner doesn’t really support you as well as heshe could. This leads to friction with the in-laws and you feel isolated or like an ‘outsider’
  • Having an extremely jealous partner: This could be a problem for some as some people tend to have an overtly jealous streak

If you are facing any of the problems listed above, you are not alone! There are thousands of people who experience similar or close variations of the situations given above. In most cases this can pass and you can move on with life. We can help you get through this over a period of time. Our counselors will guide you in every step along the way

Ways to improve your relationship

Here are a few ways to improve your relationship:

Self Help:

Write about self help tools including:

1.Our resources like Assessment, blogs,infographics,videos etc.

Support from Others

Write about how important support from loved ones is


Write about the benefits of counseling : What is the difference in advice from a friend as compared to a counselor.

Benefits should be clearly outlined

Time bound: eg 12 session 2 months etc .

What happens during counseling especially asynchronous

How can Type a Thought help improve  Relationships?

– Identifying definite problem areas

-Clarifying issues affecting the individual

– Analysing communication patterns / do’s and dont’s

– Suggesting ways and means to work on problem areas

– Helping gain control over the problem areas – Supportive listening