As mentioned in the previous blog, habit formation is a process by which new behaviors become automatic. When we constantly practice these habits, they somehow become a part of our daily routine. Just like Maths, we need to practice these habits for them to become a part of our personality. But a lot of times, something new that we start off with a lot of enthusiasm and zest, does not remain with us for long. A simple example would be our new year resolutions. Each year we make some resolution for ourselves and hope that we stick to it for the whole year, but does that really happen?? What would be the hurdles to these habit formations??

Let’s have a quick look at the possible obstacles that can hinder our process of sticking to our goals or resolutions.

  • Comfort zone: The desire to remain in your comfort zone is natural . When we form these goals, it makes us work on them differently which not always make us very comfortable and because of that instinctive need of being in the comfort zone, we jump on the someday bandwagon and push our goals to the side until another day.
  • Negativity: The way you think towards achieving your goals play a major role in your success. It might happen a number of times that you may not achieve the desired outcome but if you possess a negative mindset, you probably won’t make it. Failures are inevitable but learning from that instead of completely giving up would help you get your goals.
  • Lack of Focus: We all have lacked focus in the things that we take up. You want to reach a goal, but you keep getting interrupted by life’s distractions. You implement steps to move forward, but the distractions keep pushing you back and make your work monotonous.
  • Trying too hard: Trying to achieve too many goals can overwhelm you to the point of frustration and procrastination. You make long lists of goals that you want to achieve. It looks impressive in the beginning but soon fizzles out because the list of goals becomes impossible for you to achieve.

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