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Rock on 2 is yet another sequel on the list. New reports say that it will have a reprise cast of the original, including Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor. Sequels are second nature to films these days. Almost all superhero movies have sequels and prequels. Many bollywood films also have sequels. Farhan Akhtar starrer Shaadi ke Side Effects was a sequal to Pyaar ke Side Effects. So, what drives the industry to make sequels and what drives us to consume them?

Why We Want Sequels:

Sequels represent continuation of stories. Some of our dreams also have sequels. This indicates that we like to know more about fictional characters that we have already known before. The element of familiarity helps us to bond with them easily. Also, because we already know them a bit, it is easier for more of the plot to happen since no time will go into introducing characters.

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A single long movie or long book is a terrible idea in most cases, unless it is really compelling. Fantasy is very engaging, but also very tiring. Therefore, we want to consume it in breaks and not at a stretch.

Psychologically, we form some perceptions of the characters we see in books and movies. We predict that they will or will not do so and so action, and that perhaps their future has xyz in store for them. Sequels are a good way for us to check whether our assumptions are right or wrong. Therefore, it attracts the mind a lot. If we are right, it helps us feel good, and if we are wrong, there is a surprise element. Either way, its a win win.

For all of these reasons, we will readily watch sequels as long as we liked the orginal movie.

Why The Industry (Including Farhan Akhtar) Make Sequels:

farhan akhtar

Data from the movie industry consistently shows that sequels don’t do as good as the original movie. However, movie industry still seems to produce it. Why? Because sequels still make more money than an average new movie. Also, it gets back all the previous movie goers out of loyalty. This helps in building the brand of the production house or the director, even when they come out with a new movie.

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