What can you do to deal with your  Low Frustration Tolerance?

It is all in your Mind.

The choice to let a particular situation, person, or belief cause that kind of distress and frustration lies within you. Consider some of the situations that annoy and irritate you. Let’s take a look at some kinds of thinking that causes you to become even more frustrated:

“I can’t take this”

“They Must not be like that”

“Life must not be so unfair”

“Things must go my way, and I can’t stand it when they don’t.”

Once you identify your unhealthy thinking ways (like above) only then can you change them.  If you can tune into what is going on in your head you can rewrite the script. A large part of feeling frustrated comes from feeling helpless. Realising that you aren’t completely helpless, can in turn decrease or enable you to tolerate the frustration better.

Harmful Belief:

“I can’t take this” (eg: Thought when stuck in bumper to bumper traffic)

Rational Belief:

Are you sure you can’t take this? It’s just traffic. Is waiting that bad that you “CAN’T TAKE IT ?”. Will thinking this way increase or decrease your frustration even more? Is there anything productive that you can do in this time instead of just thinking in this way? catch up on your reading, listen to a podcast, catching up on missed calls, etc.

How to deal with Frustration Intolerance


Rate the Frustration

Rating the frustration helps it put it in context. If you are saying to yourself “This is awful, I can’t bare it” . How awful is this? Rate it, Is it as awful as getting a bone fractured, or a root canal, or is it as bad as losing your job? Going bankrupt? or getting a Divorce? or a loved one passing away? Putting the frustration next to other far worse things that you may have faced in life will make you realise that having an argument with your boyfriend may not be the worse thing that’s happened to you.

Lastly, Developing Skills and Actively trying to increase your Frustration Intolerance will help you in the Long Run.

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