Communication Relationships Problems, Types Communication Relationships and help

Communication problems in relationships?

Are you facing communication problems in your relationship? You could be facing problems of emotional baggage that could be resolved by emotional counselling and relationship counselling online. You could start getting help immediately with online counselling chats.

Type Of Communication Relationships

1. Optical communication involves seeing someone, observing the physical characteristics like facial expression, body type, body position etc 

2. Auditory communication involves listening to what the other person is saying , tuning in to his expression through words. This type of communication is vital to build rapport and trust

3. Emotional communication consists of observing, interpreting and reciprocrating one’s emotions or feelings. This type of emotional communication is necessary to build stable, long lasting relationships 

4. Nonverbal communication involves understanding and expressing through tone of voice, pauses, rate of speech, gestures, body positions etc. Nonverbal communication goes in collaboration with verbal communication. 

5. Verbal communication involves use of language in the form of phrases, dialogue, sentences. This communication is aimed at positive communication experiences. 

How can We Help You With Online Relationship Counselling?

Our Expert Counselors will help you gain a new perspective for your relationship. They will help you examine the faulty assumptions that you may be making because of which you may be experiencing negative emotions towards your partner. Our Psychologists will also help you examine your own faulty beliefs and help you to alter your thoughts and behaviors towards your partner which may result in changing your relationship to being healthier. Apart from this, various Communication and Problem Solving skills which will equip you to lead your relationship and life away from the miscommunications and constant fights. And enable you to have a healthier positive and more fulfilling relationship with your partner, family member or peers. This is a good alternative to daily fights and problems. Start talking to a counselor immediately, using the button below.