Caregiver Counseling and help

Caring for a loved one and facing burnout? Want to deal with the stress and double duty of caregiving effectively?

Talk to an expert counselor now and understand how to remain rational and optimistic in spite of the situation

Care Giver Counselling:

Caregivers are in the unique position of giving care to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of their loved ones, parents, children etc. However who cares for the caregiver’s needs? Care Giving is mentally and physically demanding task , that most often takes a toll on the mental health and psyche of the care givers. Many caregivers go through bouts of Depression, Frustration, Guilt, Burnout, and Stress.  Caring for loved ones often brings caregivers a sense of accomplishment and happiness, but at times, overwhelming demands may affect the caregiver. It is not uncommon for the caregivers to occasionally feel frustration, anger and then feel anxious or guilty for these feelings. Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses that caregivers suffer from, and is on the rise in the recent years.  

How Can We Help With Caregiver Counselling?

Our Counselors will help you to cope with the feelings of grief, frustration, and anger that you may feel, after the stress and burnout from care giving. Very often Caregivers deal with prolonged chronic stressful situations, and having someone to talk to about their concerns often can be of great help to ease out their emotional turmoil. Psychologists will also help with various other care giving concerns such as stress about children and adolescents, caring for terminally ill relatives, or children with learning disabilities or intellectual disabilities. By the end of the sessions you will be equipped to deal with your negative distressing emotions in a healthy and positive manner, and in turn reduce the stress and burnout that you may feel. If you would like help with caregiving for children with emotional or academic issues, click here. If you would like help regarding caregiving for someone with chronic pain or a terminal illness, click here. If you would like to talk about general caregiving, click on the button below.