Breakups and Rejection , Signs of Distress, Things You Can Do and Help

Breakups and Rejection in Your Relationship?

It’s never easy when an important relationship ends.Whether you wanted it to end or not, the breakup of a relationship can turn your world upside down,and trigger all sorts of upsetting and distressing feelings. Dealing with the hurt and pain of a broken relationship or rejection is something that we all may go through at some point in life. And more often most of us, find it very difficult to overcome and cope with such feelings of hurt and anguish. Help yourself with relationship counselling online and get a listening ear.

Signs of Distress After the Break-Up and Rejection of a Relationship

  • Extreme Sadness
  • Feeling Hopeless,Irritable, Angry, Guilty, or Restless
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in sleep pattern and/or sex drive
  • Tendency to be fatigued or experiencing low energy.

End of any relationship gives you an experience of Loss. To recover from it, There are Three Stages

  1. Experience of Shock/Denial/Numbness
  2. Feelings of Fear/Anger/Depression
  3. Understanding/Acceptance/Moving on

Things You Can Do

  •  Accept that you are going through loss.
  • The experiences you will go through are natural and its a part of healing.
  • You are not alone,there are many people who go through this phase of life.
  • Give yourself time to heal.
  • Acknowledge that you have been through a lot and its okay to feel all of the thing you are feeling .
  • Follow a regular schedule and stick to it. This will give you a sense of order when other things are unmanageable.
  • Consider speaking to your family and friend before taking away major decision.(relocating/moving away,withdrawing)
  • Get help of people you know who have gone through the same and know how they dealt with it.
  • Seek help if you feel nothing is working out and it has started affecting you and other areas of life such as.
  • Unable to manage daily life.
  • History of psychological concerns.
  • Depending on alcohol,drugs,or either addictive substance to comfort yourself
  • Experiencing thoughts of suicide or about to take action you might regret.
  • Take the step towords healing and remember doesn’t make you weak if you ask for help.

How Can We Help With Relationship Counselling Online?

Our Trained Psychologist will help you go through the grieving process of the loss of a treasured relationship and the loss of a significant other. They will help you to cope with your emotions in a healthier manner, so that one will be able to heal. Often, many of us have faulty assumptions and irrational thoughts about the breakup and relationships.

Broke up recently?

Our Counselors will help to replace and alter those thoughts into rational and healthy beliefs, so that you can cope with the hurt better. Apart from this they will engage you in many other skills and activities such as confidence building, motivational Interviewing to help you to have successful and happier relationships in the future. Start chatting now with a relationship counselor online!