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Appreciation lifts people up. Whatever we derive from our work, nothing can be more precious than the feeling of being able to contribute to the society and being recognized.

So what makes praising people or openly expressing appreciation seem awkward and mawkish at times?

The answer is many a time we are unable to be clear in expressing positive emotions. We are so busy in criticism and making things perfect that we are unaccustomed to sharing appreciation. Heartfelt appreciation is very important and it can be built with time.



Have you appreciated anyone lately?

There will be situations where people fall short and make mistakes but our goal is to get them to change their behavior for better.

Why don’t you start with yourself?

If you find difficulty in appreciating others, then it’s likely you will also find it difficult to appreciate yourself.
Take a moment and ask yourself. What have I done today that is better than yesterday? Self-analyzing can lead to better outcomes and self-improvement.

Focus on what others are doing right. It will come naturally to you, once you start working on it. The more you work on appreciating, the better you will get at it. For instance, what positive qualities and behaviors you currently take for granted ? Note down the qualities and focus on what is unique about yourself and other individuals.

Being appreciative leads a positive impact on others.This leads to better reciprocity. The more specific you be of what you value and what’s meaningful to that person only then  it will have the highest effect on their outlook and mood.

Appreciative thinking can be made habitual and it will have a positive impact on yourself and your performance as well.Hence, an attitude of gratitude can be ingrained to have a constant sense of appreciation.So, do a simple act to show gratitude and take the first step to opening up.


Now that you have a better understanding of appreciation. Be Gracious !

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