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Anger management

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What is Anger?

Anger is an emotion we feel when something bothers us to the point of annoyance. It is a feeling that often surfaces uncontrollably. Anger is not only characterized by a felt emotion but also certain intense physical symptoms. When we feel anger on the rise within us, it is often accompanied by a feeling of heat in the neck and face, an increased heart rate, and high blood pressure. Thus, it is not only characterized by a feeling of intense rage, but also certain markers that we can feel pulsing within ourselves. Sometimes, it can’t be avoided and may prove necessary. If we feel deceived or come under attack in some form, anger is normally the emotional response. The key to good mental health is to ensure Anger issues are under control over a long term period.

Anger issues can be a reaction to a large number of problems in your immediate environment.


The feeling of anger is thus something that we all need to feel at some point in our lives, in order to make people around us understand what it is that causes us displeasure. However, when we start to get annoyed at those around us with increasing frequency, it may be a sign of unmanaged emotions. A constantly negative mindset, and a tendency to blame others and find faults in them often warrants a management of anger. If we’re constantly losing our cool and raising our voice when talking to others, it probably means that there is some unmanaged emotional strain that leads to it.

Mindfulness: Managing Anger

The main reason that anger gets the best of us is that we don’t think about the circumstance we are in when we feel this emotion. Anger is often quite an intense emotion. It clouds our thoughts and makes us see red. We begin to have intensely negative, aggressive thoughts about people and situations when we are angry. If we feel ourselves having these emotional outbursts at an increasing rate, it’s probably time to step back and review what we say before opening the lid and going off at someone. The only way to manage anger is to understand what causes it. Once we have an understanding of what pushes our buttons and makes us lash out, we can make a mental note to take a step back and review what we say in these situations. We should never say what we feel straight away. It’s always better to match what we say to a situation, or the way a person listening would feel in response to it. Being mindful about what we say can often help us express our annoyance about something, without any undue rage.



When anger becomes an emotion that breaks bridges and causes concern in one’s social environment, it would probably be wise to talk to someone about it. Therapy rooted in anger management enables individuals to gain a greater level of familiarity with the emotions they feel. Therapy that focuses on anger management usually looks at pinpointing the specific triggers and causes of anger, or events that positively annoy an individual.

Thus, through this form of counselling, individuals not only understand what it is that annoys them and makes them lash out at people. They also come in contact with alternative, milder responses to these situations that are far more mindful than verbal and physical retaliation. Thus, while it does not immediately ‘dispel’ anger, because it is an emotion we sometimes need, anger management counselling enables individuals to be a little more tactful in their daily lives.


The main aims of Anger Management Counselling include:

  • Identifying what the trigger for anger in an individual is
  • Mediating the way a person responds to the trigger
  • Developing mindfulness about the correct things to say in response to being angered
  • Turning anger into a burning inner drive, rather than aggression

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By the end of the sessions you will be equipped to deal with your rage in a more positive and efficient way, which will directly enhance your relationships and other aspects of your life. Talk to a counselor now!

How can anger management help you?

Anger management is not about learning to suppress your anger. Your mental health is something which is mostly in your hands. Online therapy is one of the ways of learning how to control your anger. If you think of you an anger problem, A combination of Cognitive behavioural therapy and other Anger management techniques taught to you by a professional will help you. Our therapist will work out an activity plan with you and work on your emotional intelligence going forward.  Anger management can thus be a long term process which evolves with your mental health.

Stress levels linked to anger can also thus be controlled.

No one can ever hope to reach a situation where they never get angry.

The anger will express itself in some way or another

Anger management counselling helps you be understanding WHY you get angry, the message behind your anger and how to express your anger in a HEALTHY manner.

Once this is done successfully, you will be able to ensure that you can deal with conflicts by expressing you anger in a healthy, safe way and not simply suppress it