The country, especially metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, are gradually but surely taking an increasingly developmental turn. While this attitude and shift in perspective in the urban space today can be excessively beneficial, it can also be equally harmful. More development means more population which eventually gives rise to more competition. That, in a way, establishes a need to strive and survive, stand out from the rest and also, an insatiable desire to increasingly reach out for more. This dramatically increases the degree of anxiety, stress and also, unpredictable breakdowns among people. It is oddly astounding as well as amusing what folks tend to do and how they react when anxiety gets the best of them. We have listed a few such activities they indulge in when anxious:

how does anxiety show up

Anxiety Manifestations

1.Start designing a dress – As outlandish as it may sound, the idea of converting one’s unsettling thoughts and anxious feelings into an entirely different activity, can indeed, be a liberating experience. When your mind is clogged and clouded with thoughts which are mentally threatening, something as trivial as designing a dress, planning a stitch here and a tuck there, deciding where its hemline would exactly be at, could be nothing less than a catharsis. A brief getaway. A means by which you could simply disconnect for good, engage your mind with a productive process and switch back to the mundane with a calmer, more stable mind.

2.Excessive mobile surfing – Be it the incessant level clearing on Angry Birds or Candy Crush, aimlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed, watching vivid videos on loop or even, deliberately checking out profile photos on Whatsapp, mobile usage, in any form, has always posed as one of the most common repercussions of anxiety. However, there is only so much exposure to technology one should allow themselves to, since over excess of anything can be futile.

3.Eating spicy or fried food – Consuming food that is hot and fiery in nature could get one going, provide them with the much needed excited diversion from their on-going cognitive crisis. While this could be extremely momentary, it surely serves as an effective distraction for a lot many people. While some take to a steaming hot plate of biryani coupled with an ever-so-spicy shawrma, some relish an authentic Maharashtrian Missal Paav or Kolhapuri sabzi. While the spectrum of options could be totally diverse, every kind of spicy food, no matter what cuisine or flavour, does chase the anxiety blues away.

4.Look at the sky – While there are plethora of mind-boggling activities one could do while anxious, some of them could also be something as simple and calm as gazing at the sky and the million little elements it houses. This is done by a large number of people, either as a way of connecting with the Universe to calm their chaotic mind or simply just. It could be done to arrive at solutions to problems that are eating your brain away or just switch off for a bit.

5.Eat ice – There is no possible analogy between anxiety and eating ice that can be explained logically. But again, everything’s right if it holds the capacity to make your mind steadfast and on-track.

While the aforementioned activities do serve as considerable reactions to one’s anxiety, the fact that these cannot be permanent should not be forgotten. While these could give you a momentary change, consulting a psychologist/therapist could rather transform you for good. Moreover, you could bid all such peculiar tendencies goodbye once there is no room for anxiety left. Hence, it is always advisable to turn to your counsellors for they are essentially the solution you need. Check out our other blogs or check out our website here